Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Take on the civil war

What's so civil about war anyway?

Our president is not exactly a student of history preferring to make his own (and later trying rewrite it) than studying it. Steve Bannon whispered in his ear that he's the new Andres Jackson and Trump immediately had his portrait hung up in the Oval Office. He went to visit his gravesite and may have seen something on his presidency on the history channel (although he probably bad to tinkle when the chapter on the trail of tears thing came up)
But this is the world we live in, Trump tell us that Andrew Jackson would have prevented the civil war negotiation, not sure exactly how that worked but it seems odd being that the statement is a direct indictment of the president his party claims to get it lineage from. But apparently according to the historian in chief, Lincoln wasn't smart enough or a savvy enough to negotiate his way out of the firebomb heading right towards the core of our country. Yes, Mr Davis, you give up slavery and we will give you a few acres in Oklahoma and a few smallpox blankets to boot

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