Thursday, April 20, 2017

Take on the weird foursome

I don't care if my President pals around with celebrities, never have. It's a ridiculously difficult job and if you need to hang with Beyoncé or Marilyn Monroe to make it all feel normal, go nuts. But today it wasn't the celebrities, just the types. You have Kid Rock who is about as bright as a shoe but again that is ok. You have Sarah Palin who I guess is a politician, albeit it not a very good one and then you have Ted Nugent who only a few months ago called for Obama to be hanged. Glad to see these three were invited into the Oval Office, they certainly seem worthy

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Mr. R. Lee said...

Sarah Palin looks like a bona fide slut in that photo with her off the shoulder slanted top and tit-pushing pose.

It's like she came to the White House looking for easy celebrity dick. Obviously, she was trying way too hard to impress trashy guys like hepatitis-infected Kid Rock and underage girl-chasing Ted Nugent.

What a shit show.