Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Take on the first 100 days

I'm quite frankly getting sick of all the winning..  I've been winning so much that it's starting to feel like we are losing.

During the campaign, our Dear Leader drummed home the idea of getting more done in his first 100 days than anybody else.   He had a list of things ranging from building a wall to repealing Obamacare to giving all middle school kids pizza for lunch every single day.    Sadly for nobody, none of those promises have actually come true and thus, by Trump's own metrics, his presidency has not been very successful.   Today on the eve of day 100, they put out a list of all sorts of great accomplishments, putting them in context with other presidents through their first 100 days.

The one that stood out more than anything was that he trumps Obama in Executive Orders signed through 100 days.   Trump has had 30 already while the low-energy Obama was only at 11 through 100 days.  

Of course the GOP will embrace this as more winning, even if they have been telling us that Executive Actions are the equivalent of a pact with the devil for the last eight years.   So, I guess we're winning based on the new metrics, losing on the ones we were supposed to care about a few months ago but since our president takes every position, so even when we all lose, he wins.   For a guy who has made (and lost) his money in Casinos, he certainly knows how to be the house.. 

But it does bring up an interesting point, his supporters don't seem to be very idealistic either, look at this stat…  38% of Democrats though bombing Syria under Obama's leadership was a wise decision, that number dropped to 37% under Trump.    Republicans on the other had went from 22% thinking it was sound policy under Obama and 86% thinking it's so now..  

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