Sunday, April 2, 2017

Take on the secret Secretary of State

I'm not quite sure why Trump even hired a Secretary of State, especially because he has shown that he has no interest in standard diplomacy and has already cut major funding for the department. Add to that that Sexy Rex Tillerson seems to be a bit low on energy (couldn't have dinner with his Korean counterparts, didn't visit the embassies) and generally looks like an out of shape slob. Trump probably does appreciate his weird idiosyncrasies like not ever looking anybody in the eye and Trump certainly appreciates Tillerson's disdain of the media.
But really, Sexy Rexy is just the eye candy because Trump has already farmed out all the important jobs to Kushner. First Kushner got the job to bring peace in the Middle East and now it comes out that he's been the go-between through a secret channel between presidents Trump and Xi. I know that Trump believes in loyalty and family above all else, but Kushner is 36 and barely out of diapers and has less experience on the prod stage than even Trump

Not sure this will end well.


Mr. R. Lee said...

It's sad when Von Clownstick's final choices for his de facto head foreign diplomat are a 36 year old rich, spoiled, entitled snot named Jared Kushner and a 31 year old bald virgin, Stephen Miller. And maybe Omarosa.

You cannot make this shit up. It is high comedy and dark tragedy all at the same time.

Righetti said...

The comedy portion seems to be eluding me at this time