Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Take on the Old Band

Six months ago, all seemed good in Trumpland, they had just had an unlikely victory in the biggest election of our lifetime, they could claim a (dubious) electoral mandate and they had a clear opportunity for a conservative agenda with a GOP House and Senate not to mention most state houses, too.
True, Manafort had been given the Pete Best treatment but the rest of the gang was all there. Flynn, Bannon, Miller, Kushner and Conway.
But then one by one the cracks started to show, the house of gold was actually just a cheap Chinese knockoff, everybody assumed Manafort was a one-off but he was an example of the systemic issue riddling the administration. Nobody could be trusted, nobody could turn around without feeling a knife come right into their spine. The leaking has been unprecedented, the controversies unrelenting and the press unmerciful, yet still, through it all, their John Lennon, has stayed the course, even if that course seems to be that of a drunk driver having an epileptic seizure while battling a nest of hornets while blindfolded.
But there he went, with no real agenda, no plan, no ideology, no moral compass and no sense of decency, wildly driving into the night in a stationwagon with the entire country in the backseat with no seat belts, car seats and all the windows locked.
Well Bannon is on the way out, in an apparent power struggle with Kushner, Tillerson is minimized in an apparent power play by Kushner and Putin is emboldened by an apparent lack of keeping his pants on by Kushner's father in law.
Miller is likely next, although I suspect that will come down when the FBI raids his laptop and they won't be looking for the kinds of things Jared Kushner will have been looking at, but rather the kind of things that Jared from Subway may have been looking at

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Mr. R. Lee said...

I'm pretty sure Miller's psychosis stems from a time when he got rejected by a Mexican female cheerleader at Santa Monica High School when he was a pimply-faced, 14 year old freshman, and then she proceeded to bone all the Latino and black guys at the school.

Peckerwood didn't like that.