Saturday, April 8, 2017

Take on the badly acted high school play

The more you think about the attack on the Syrian airbase, the more get the feeling it was just Trump getting cover for his too-close- for- comfort ties with Putin. The storyline is sort of predictable, the dialogue lame and the presentation looks like it is poorly acted by a bunch of high school kids. This was like West Side Story as performed by Vlad and Don

Trump speaks like he has the vocabulary of a tenth grader and delivers it like he's an autistic ten year old. Putin's "incensed" reaction the next morning comes across as robotic, although in fairness he is Russian and if Rocky IV taught us anything, they have no emotions.

But as bad a Putin is, the Trump press conference was worse. It was honestly one of the most uncomfortable ones I have ever seen, not because of the words he used but the fact that he looks like a ten year old reading them. He is so odd when he's forced to stick to a script, especially when he is asked to show emotion that you cringe hoping he doesn't get to a four syllable word. I think his vehement hatred for the TelePrompter stems from the fact that he can't read.
But it did accomplish the goal of taking the secret powwows of Kushner and Russia off the front page. Devin Nunes has gone back to obscurity and it's only a matter of time that Trump brings back Manafort.

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