Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Take on Trump's Boy Band

I wouldn't blame you if when you hear the name Carter Page, you think he is probably the fifth guy in some 90's boyband. You'd assume he's the quiet one who doesn't get a lot of notoriety but maybe helped write a couple of the songs or choreographed a couple of dance moves. Maybe you assume he's the one who keeps being mistaken for his younger brother who has his own boy band
But it turns out that Carter Page may have been the go-between for Donnie and his buddy Vlad. Rumors are swirling that Page used the backstreets to deliver an audio tape with Trump's voice on it, assuring that if Russia helped hack the election, a new Trump administration would be lax on some of the sanctions and would turn a blind eye to Crimea and the next Crimea. This wasn't a small feat and wasn't something that Donnie was going to farm out to just any backup singer, the message had to be clear and perfectly in sync with all the moving piece. This was a major deal and they weren't going to give it to the new kid on the block.

The way I see it, Manafort is Joey Fatone the fat ugly one, that makes Mike Flynn = Lance Bass as the funny looking gay one, Roger Stone becomes that weird one with the goatie, Nunes can be that other one you forgot was in the band and that would make Carter Page....Justin F'n Timberlake

And of course Kushner is Sweet Lou Perlman, the sketchiest of them all who by design can claim some kind of limited culpability and keeps the entire thing conveniently away from
BMG(Trump) when the hotel room gets trashed, a couple of teenagers get impregnated and the Russians come calling for their IOU

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