Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Take on Spicy Spicer

Mellisa McCarthy to the white courtesy phone please.

When the headline on every news site says that you are apologizing "for your Hitler remarks", you know that you are having a bad day. Poor Sean, so dumb, so poorly cast in this role, such a closet antisemite.

Spicer hasn't had an easy run, it actually has gone downhill since the photo of him dressed like the Easter Bunny made the rounds a few months ago. He's a true moron but you'd have to think he has one of the hardest and least enviable jobs in the world, although I'm assuming at least he gets paid well. The problem is that his days are numbered, it just can't keep going like this with poor Sean shoving his big pale white foot in his mouth time and time again. The funny thing is that all the talk was about his original comments which stated that Hitler hadn't used chemical weapons, which whatever justification he had was poorly thought through and just plain dumb. What we thought was more troubling was that when a reporter gave him an out a few minutes later to let him explain himself, he went with the "Hitler didn't use chemical weapons against his own people". Nice to see that Sean doesn't equate Jews, gypsies, blacks and gays to "his own people" and then he topped it off with Holocaust Centers which sounds like a museum I went to in high school.

The entire time you are watching you just think Sean, just.shut.up.

The only person who was happy today was the CEO of United Airlines who likely sent Sean flowers

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