Saturday, April 22, 2017

Take on Uber

This Wednesday I decide to throw caution into the wind and go with the Uber prescheduled option instead of the normal local cab. I go with the scheduled option because living out in the burbs means that there is no chance there will be a random Uber driver in my area at 6am.
I reserved on Monday, get confirmation on Tuesday and got a notification on Wednesday that Ceasar, my driver, was on the way. I kept my front door open and at 6:05 a Honda CRV drives up my street, I guess he'll pull around and I'd be on my way to JFK within seconds. The problem is that Ceasar decided to call an audible and instead of picking me up and heading to JFK, he cancelled and headed to Franklin Lakes. There I am, bags packed, shoes on and kids kissed and no cab. I dial up Uber again and find only a single driver, Caesar, in my area. I request him again but he immediately turns off his phone and I'm stuck. A half hour later a new driver finally shows up and does drive me to the airport

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Mr. R. Lee said...

F Uber. I took Lyft to the airport this morning.