Monday, April 3, 2017

Take on Brooklyn

I love Brooklyn, loved living there, loved the vibe, loved the community. I love fifth avenue, love prospect parks, love f*cked in park slope.
There were things I didn't love (hipsters), things I despised (parking) and things I just didn't understand (white families trying to submerge their white kids in Japanese) but throughout it all, it was always great even with its flaws. But somehow, with everything it had, everything it offered, everything it wanted to be, it lacked something. Maybe it's the fact that all those yuppies moved in, maybe it was the fact the rent went stupid, maybe it is because Brooklyn lost its edge or maybe it was because the entire borough didn't have a single avocado bar. But those days are now over, Brooklyn is now perfect. You can go from a cat petting place, to a rodeo, to a avocado bar all within about thirty minutes

It is heaven

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Mr. R. Lee said...

Avocado bar?

I thought you said you didn't like hipsters.