Sunday, April 9, 2017

Take on the $80 million dollar disco party

This Trump attack seemed to have been both incredibly effective and incredibly not effective. He got a lot of "no puppet of Putin" relief af the same time that airfield went back to having the kind of regular flight schedule that LaGuardia could only dream about

Three days after we sent $80 million worth of Tomahawk missiles, that airfield from where the chemical attacks were launched was back as basically operational. We're not talking about rebuilding an entire new Death Star, we're talking about a new coat of paint, a couple of pounds of cement and a new cafeteria and all of a sudden direct flight to Damascus where back on the schedule. Planes were landing, bags were loaded, planes were off, peanuts were being served and people complained about blankets and pillows. Delta cancelled 3000 flights this week because of a rain storm in Atlanta but after $80 million worth of missiles they were back on track..

So Donald, maybe the targeted attacks that the weakling Obama was sending out there, were maybe not all that different from your prime time disco party and maybe, they were actually much more effective

But least Trump got to changed the narrative

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