Monday, April 24, 2017

Take on the trials and tribulations of traveling

People keep getting abused on airplanes. Forget the usual complaints of lost luggage, delays, missed connections and crappy food, 2017 has been an incredibly bad year for airline travellers. First you had a couple teenagers thrown off for wearing tights, then some Asian dude got his head beat-in on a United flight, then on an American flight some poor woman holding a baby was smacked by a stroller but those were all nothing compared to what passengers on a Delta flight had to put up with. In the middle of their flight, it was as if their 737 turned into the D train with some psycho walking around playing a wooded instrument for loose change. The entire cabin was held captive by a sideshow Bob looking maniac wielding a clarinet looking saxophone and his easy listening jazz.

Delta's CEO, Richard Anderson, better come out with an apology soon or he'll suffer the same fate the United guy just got.

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