Monday, April 10, 2017

Take on the overbooked United situation

I hate flying United, it's just a crappy all around experience and is the number one reason I still fly Delta even though Newark would be much easier for me. The airplanes are old, the peanuts stale, their flight attendants could star in The Golden Girls and now their overbooked policy sucks.

Apparently a flight crew had to get to Louisville yesterday and after nobody voluntarily gave up their seat, United played some Russian Roulette and some poor nerdy Asian guy got the short straw.
This poor dude who just wanted to go home to see his kids or let his dog out showed up at the airport and figured the hard part was done. But instead of flying the friendly skies, he took an armrest to his face and was dragged off like a WWE heel, as three goons beat the guy to a bloody pulp . I'm always a guy who tries to see the other perspective but this is the kind of situation where the force used by one party seems to be hard to justify based on the fact that the Asian guy didn't want to give up his paid for seat and be stuck in their shitty city for another night.

I understand the logistical issues United must have had with getting a flight crew to Louisville for another flight but I'm not quite sure treating this Asian dude like a piƱata is such a hot idea, either.

So F you United for your crappy customer service, your idiotic leggings rules and the fact that Newark Airport blows donkey.