Thursday, April 6, 2017

Take on the attack on Syria

I've not agreed with much Trump has done and think he handled the lead up to tonight really badly but I do think that this message today was the right one.

Hillary called for this exact thing earlier today and when I read that, I agreed with her and I agree with this move tonight, too. This is likely just a broken clock being right two times per day as I have no faith that Trump thought this through and weighed the repercussions but if taken as an isolated incident, it was necessary. This could even have been coordinated with Russia and is most certainly has some wag-the-dog stuff behind it. The one thing that Trump did tonight is show the world that on this scale he is a loose cannon, this doesn't bode well most of the time but I have to think that up until two hours ago, Assad thought Trump was a paper tiger. I guarantee that tonight he is thinking twice about dropping another chemical weapon and if this prevents another situation like yesterday, than so be it. The attack was on a military target and there are no (reported) civilian casualties

The fat Korean better watch out because his kimchee is going to taste like uranium at this rate.

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Mr. R. Lee said...

I liked this post until the last sentence. 😒