Sunday, September 4, 2016

Take on those weird Trumpletts

The latest post released on the very much unreadable Twitter account of Donald J Trump Jr. Is maybe the most bizarre one yet. It shows Little Don, hot Ivanka and weird Eric in what can only be described as either a hostage photo. The three of them look like their dad made them get in front of the camera to take this bizarre photo or threaten them with taking their allowance away and that only sounds like I made it up.
The three of them have this weird glaze I've their eyes and I've been looking for clues that they are, in fact, there willingly which is hard to tell. What I can tell is that Ivanka is starting to look weathered, Little Don looks like he might be the kind of guy who tells a chick he's not wearing underwear and Eric looks like he might have been caught stealing an Easter peep and is using his five hole to hide it from his mom. He just looks like he is quenching his ass cheeks together so incredibly hard

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