Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Take on the fat beauty contestant

Newt Gingrich came to the defense of Donald Trump today as he told the Log Cabin Republicans that a beauty contestant is not supposed to gain 60 pounds after winning.  I do see Newt's point, a beauty contestant is really only asked to do one thing.. look hot and if you can't do that you are, by definition, no longer a chick who looks hot.   The way we see it, it is kind of like electing a congressman and then see him shut down the government, that wasn't exactly why you signed up for.   

But the  again sometimes you should set your expectations, the season you should expect out of Yoenis Cespedes after he signs a big multi-year guaranteed contract should be .260/18/90.  If you aren't happy with that, don't sign him to a multi year deal 

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