Saturday, September 3, 2016

Take on the Sam Bradford trade

I'm not Sam Bradford fan but on a team with ADP and a pretty good defense, I think he can be sort of not terrible. My buddy was trying to convince me otherwise all day today saying he had football smarts and a knack for making the right okay and he has an above average completion percentage and he doesn't turn the ball over and whatever, this is the same guy who has finished dead last in our fantasy football league like five out of the last six years, so I'm not so sure.
What shocked me though is that Sam Bradford was trade for a top draft pick for the second time in two years. This is a guy who last year in a Chip Kelly offense threw for only 19 touch downs and still managed to throw 14 picks. Yeah he has a good completion percentage but his QB rating is in the low 80's. Why the hell would the Vikings give up a first round pick for this guy, he's not any better than Josh McCown who is probably sitting on his couch waiting for anybody to call.

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