Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Take on the AirPods

Apple announced the latest iPhone to mixed reviews today mostly because people like to complain. The fact that you can now drop it in a puddle and it not screw up the rest of your week is a big positive and some of the other adjustments in the guts seem to be good ones too. But everybody is screaming about those stupid ear AirBuds. Yeah they look cool and not getting that stupid cord tangled every minute will be a positive but a problem that you'd happily have back when you can't find your AirPods because they are exactly the kind of thing that gets totally lost. At $159 a pop, I'm sure you losing them is the biggest part of Apple's business plan

Luckily when you do have AirPods (identified as he first five days after buying the new siphoned and that week ibetween buying a new pair and losing said new pair, you will get beautiful interference free bluetooth music... Oh wait

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