Friday, September 23, 2016

Take on the Ted Cruz endorsement

If Ted Cruz was anything at all, he was honest and true to his beliefs.  He walked into the GOP convention and didn't care for political expediency or games, he told it like it is.  At Donald Trump's convention, he made the case against Donald Trump, which is either brave or stupid, or both, but it was definitely honest and truthful to what Ted Cruz claimed to be.  But now, with the election counted in weeks not months, it has become blatantly clear that even Ted Cruz can sell his soul to the devil and support a man who chastised him for months with insults to his wife, insinuations about his father and bequeathing him with the   nicknames "Lyin' Ted" and worse than that, outing him as Canadian. 
But Ted Cruz stood strong, when all the others (McCain, Ryan, Carson, Big Chris and the rest jostled in line to get their first grasp of Donald's Trump, until today. Donald Trump just got his biggest rival to felate him on stage which Ted will do happily

So much for True Conservatism 

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