Thursday, September 15, 2016

Take on the Ryan brothers

How can it be that two identical brothers can be so similar yet so different but one thing for sure, they run off on one another. Rex had stated to clean himself up but now he looks like he's a Royal Tenenbaum (or a not so Royal Tannebaum), he has put on all the weight and hopefully he has picked up some of Rob's defensive mindset.
As a Jet fan, nothing pleases me more than when the Bills decided to bring Rob along for the Rex show and it was not because they shared that tandem bike. Why I was happy was that for all of Rex Ryan's defensive scheming and prowess, his fatter identical brother has picked up almost none of it. It's like when they were in the womb, all of Buddy's genius went into the gut of one and the other just got stuck with a gut. Rob flamed out in Dallas and New Orleans and nobody thought he'd deserve another job. His defenses in his last two stops were historically bad yet his big brother decided to give him another shot and we can only hope this thing ends with one Ryan brother bodyslamming the other into a foldable table during this week's tailgate.
I feel badly for that table

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