Saturday, September 10, 2016

Take on the basket of deplorables

When you are a presidential candidate, every word you utter gets picked apart and when you stick you foot in your mouth so far you can kick your own ass, the opposition pounces. Hillary decided that calling half of TeflonDon's supporters "deplorables" was a good for a few laughs and it probably got some in front of a friendly crowd of donors but what she failed to realize is that this basket of deplorables are a huge part of the electorate. She isn't exactly turning them away from her, as those types aren't ever going to be her constituents but it may invigorate them come November and that is one thing we can't afford.
Trump knocks her on her strategy to not say anything to anybody but honestly that is exactly what she should be doing. Let him shove that gigantic foot into his gigantic mouth and then watch him try to pry it out using those little fingers

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