Saturday, September 17, 2016

Take on the rigged two party system

I don't like Hillary, never have and never will. She's too calculated, too dishonest, too hawkish, too in the pools of the big banks and just too shady but I will vote for her 100% of the time when it is her versus Trump. The issue is that in a democracy in republic, where majority rules, there is no place for a viable third party. With more than two, democracy gets messy because with three or more viable parties, nobody is likely to get a majority which leads to other issues like we are often across the pond. In Europe you have these awkward coalitions which are as fragile as a wine glass and getting anything done messy.
Neither the Green Party or the Libertarians will be participating in the debates which will virtually ensure a status quo come November. More than anything, anybody with half a brain will have to vote for Hillary as the alternative is unthinkable and nobody in their right mind wants that on their conscious

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