Thursday, September 8, 2016

Take on #TeflonDon

I cannot believe that Hillary has allowed this thing to stay close, so much that I don't think it can't actually possibly be close. She came out of the Democratic Convention and I was sure it was the last we would have seen from Teflon Don but as we have all seen way too many times, he is not one to be underestimated. It is shocking that any person who lacks in qualifications like he does can ever be in the discussion as next commander in chief let alone in shouting distance of actually winning it but as he has proven time and time again, he plays by a different set of rules. The problem is that people like Matt Lauder are so intimidated by him that they just allow him to filibuster his way pat every inaccuracy, embellishment and bold faced lie but it just doesn't matter. He has admitted that he tried to corrupt the system with donations as a businessman, he has insulted war heroes, he has made racially charged remarks, he puts credibility to crazy conspiracy theories and he is morally bankrupt, yet nothing sticks. He is the new TeflonDon and we at TOR will coin #TeflonDon it in our quest to expose this narcissist as the madman he is

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