Friday, June 10, 2016

Take on the renewed Dump-Trump movement

The primaries and caucuses are behind us and the nightmare the GOP was hoping to wake up from has turned into their new reality, their standard bearer is a loon. I think they all hoped that somebody, anybody, would come out of the dark forest on a white horse to save the day and skat the dragon but Trump has taken on all they threw at him and there is really nothing they can do about it. Yes, there is always the idea that somebody will come out of the woodwork and run as a third party but even that seems less and less likely and I think the GOP is resigned to a bloodbath and then spending for next four years regrouping.
But there is still a movement which you hear bantered about with them keeping the nomination from him at the convention somehow. The issue is that as much as I fear for our country, he won this thing thing fair and square and to change the rules now by adding more super delegates or to change the voting or something will be worse and there will be an uproar. The party leaders like Paul Ryan and little Mitch will have to suck it up and eat their broccoli because they cannot take this way from a guy who despite his unbelievable unfavorable ratings, did end the primary seasons with more votes than any of the other muppets they had up on the stage and has ended up with more votes than any other GOP candidate ever. He deserves to see this thing through, even if he brings the party to its knees in doing so.

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