Monday, June 27, 2016

Take on Brexit

After four days of turmoil, the British people are realizing what a huge disaster this Brexit thing is, most notably the fact they are single handily sinking the global economy with their little Trump moment. I get that most of them were too stupid to think of the consequences and now we're left with aftermath which is about as much fun as getting your vas deferens sliced open by a quack. I get that they all want a do-over and for the world's economy, I'd be all for this but I feel like even if they did get a do-over, there has to be some kind of penalty. You can't pull the fire alarm in a school and just say 'I'm sorry'.
I think that if they do vote again and if this time they don't do something idiotic and the crazies stay home, they should be forced to adopt Trump

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