Saturday, June 25, 2016

Take on the Famous video

If there was ever a collection of 12 consenting adults I'd less like to share a bed with than the collection in Kanye's orgy video, I'd be shocked. He only combination which seems less attractive than Donald Trump, Chris Brown, Bill Cosby, George W Bush and the other star of Kim Kardashian's sex tape it would have to be Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Booker T, Jeff Van Gundy, ARod, anybody who was involved with Batman forever and a little Ted Cruz mixed in.
I get that just us talking about this is exactly what any Kardashian wants, so we realize that we are part of the problem and not the solution but seeing collection of misfits in one room would make me hope that if there had been a nuclear holocaust and these were the last people on earth, I'd root for extinction.

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