Sunday, June 12, 2016

Take on the Orlando Club rampage

Nothing is scarier than the thought of being trapped in a dark packed club with a madmen unloading rounds from an uzi into the helpless crowd and these madmen know it.  Whether it is in Paris or at that movie theater in Colorado or in the club in Orlando, the shooters have figure out the best way to instill terror and kill as many people as efficiently as possible using every thing at their disposal 
What I am the most sad about is that I'm afraid that in this case, the country won't rally around this like the national tragedy it is, solely because it happened at a gay club.  You can already see the comments online which are often muted and not fully engaged 
We've come a long way but I just know that this will not be seen as our tragedy, it will be seen as theirs by far too many people. There are likely so many people who will seem ambivalent to this and some will even see it as justified and that will be the ultimate tragedy.    

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