Sunday, June 5, 2016

Take on The Donald J Trump State Park

Everywhere I go, I see signs that we are closing in on the apocalypse.. 'My entire Twitter timeline has been cluttered by Trump for a year, the view from my hotel in Seoul was directly at a Trump Seoul Grand and when I drove up the Taconic this weekend I passed by a state park named after him too. I did a bit of research and apparently Trump donated (and took a $100 million tax write off for) the property after purchasing the property a decade earlier for $2 million but not being able to get zoning for a golf course. It is completely undeveloped and supposedly has asbestos filled buildings on the property, so it now sits as a sort of upstate version of Chernobyl.

The sad fact is not that Trump already has a state park even before he has ever done anything as a statesman or patriot but that it come right after the Franklin D Roosevelt state park about 10 miles before it.

What the hell is wrong with us

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