Monday, June 13, 2016

Take on the Google Storage Plans

I started backing up all my photos on Google Photo which has been a godsend because it allowed me to finally clear out my phone. I was confident in it because it was a) Google and b) a great app and so I happily paid them $1.99 per month for a hundred gigabytes of storage. The problem was that today I finally hit my 100 gig limit, actually I got to about 135gigs which was my real limit as I accumulated a bit more storage over the years by doing some random sign up things.
So I go online and figure I'd have to shell out an additional $1.99 per month for another 100 giga but that's where it got weird. The only option after you've hit your 100 gig storage point is to go to a 1 terabyte storage plan for $9.99 per month...a dollar increase of 500% Now I don't need a terabyte with of space, especially not today but there's no other option. I called customer service and hey confirmed that they would not allow you to stack two separate 100gig plans together. This seems odd since I could easily buy another 100 gigs using a different gmail account but on the one account I use (and store all my photos), I am stuck with only those two options. Either limit my photos to get under the 100gig number or increase my spend by 500% for 900gigs of space I don't need at all.
It's like dealing with the cable company

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