Monday, June 6, 2016

Take on the David French non presidential bid

I guess we won't have a French Revolution after all.

Yesterday, National Review columnist David French declined an option to run for president which sent shockwaves through the system. Well maybe that is a bit too strong since he probably has less Twitter followers than Frédéric Weis and is probably less recognizable than Paris Hilton's third cousin's boyfriend's brother. But it did remind us all how little influence Bill Kristol seems to have. It's not that anybody thought this Frenchman had any chance to win, let's be honest Pepé Le Pew has a better chance of being president. The issue is not that he would win, it is that he may have been able to disrupt the process enough to ensure we don't carpet bomb Nice because our new president feels insulted that his new Mediterranean hotel lost a court case.l on air rights

We need somebody to jump on the sword here and to ensure we don't start World War III over a perceived insult. The issue is that whoever it could be would have to either be incredibly wealthy or be able to very quickly tap into a massive fundraising network
But looking over the landscape it doesn't look very promising.. Bloomberg is out, Romney too, Mark Cuban us too busy arguing with Mr Wonderful, Zuckerberg doesn't meet the age requirement, Buffett is over the age limit, Bill Gates is a lefty, Elon Musk a foreigner and I think Ross Perot is dead

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