Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Take on the Newark Delta Business lounge

Flying out of Newark has a few benefits over LaGuardia, coming from New Jersey the commute in the morning is slightly shorter and without a bridge or water crossing it is a bit more predictable. You also have less fog and the air traffic backups, which still have the potential to be terrible, are generally a little better

That is where it stops. As a Delta frequent flyer, the flights out of Newark are limited so it isn't much of an option and when I do fly out it always feels like you are the overlooked younger brother to the big bad United bully. Even that I can live with but why is becoming the biggest drag is the lack of a place to sit while you wait for your flight to board. The terminal hasn't seen an upgrade in decades, the shops are limited and the food options are high school cafeteria level.

But it doesn't stop there, as a frequent flyer I can at least get away from the herds by ducking into the business lounge but at Newark, I'm always shocked by how poor Delta's business lounge is. Not only is there absolutely nothing worth eating, the entire place looks like it's dropped directly from Beijing into Newark. The lighting is poor, the seats are stained and the view is of the back of the terminal. They have two TV's the one that isn't just a Delta sign is no bigger than 28 inches and the staff looks like they could be held there against their will. There is a sign boasting "an improved Delta Sky Club coming to EWR" with a target date of Winter 2016 which, considering winter has come and gone doesn't give me much hope unless of course they mean we'll get one for Christmas.

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