Sunday, June 19, 2016

Take on the NBA finals

I have not watched an entire (non NFL) sporting event the entire way through in nearly a decade. I may catch the occasional quarter of basketball or inning of baseball and might even watch a little tennis or a couple of holes of golf but there is no way that I am spending 3+ hours of my life sitting around watching anything not football.
With that said, tonight I may break my streak, if for no other reason there is just nothing as exciting as a game 7 in all of sports, and this one could go down as one for the ages. A 73 win regular season team with a unanimous MVP coming off of a championship season vs. a player whose skill set has never been matched by an NBA player in it's history. He does everything well, everything except win championships. If LeBron wins, he vaults himself into the top 5, if he loses he should be there too but people won't give it to him....but unless he totally craps the bed tonight, he needs to win finals MVP honors, win or lose

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