Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Take on Norman Seabrook

Anybody who listens to talk radio in NYC has heard commercials for the Correction Officers Benevolent Association and they thus know Norman Seabrook as the voice of those commercials. They've always seemed odd to me as they are often spoken words over a heavy bass line almost like bad poetry meets worse hip hop and often pushing the limits on context of what you'd ever officially expect out of a union. It was even odd that there were commercials at all, you don't ever hear other unions put money into that unless they were in the midst of some kind of contract disputes but Seabrook as the star of those commercials probably saw value is raising his own profile...

We weren't surprised that this megalomaniac was apparently profiting illicitly off his role with demands of $150,000 to move some of the association's member money to some hedge fund.
So here is to you, Norm, we hope the correction officers in the joint take good care of you.

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