Thursday, February 1, 2018

Taken on the Failing Times

I like The NY Times but their recent desire to come across as fair to a fault is really sickening. They have in-depth Exposé about nazis, articles about what it's like in Trump Country, an entire editorial and opinion page dedicated to letters from supporters etc. But now it's bleeding into their normal newsfeed also.

Their Twitter feed had a headline today "President Trump boasted incorrectly that his State of the Union address drew the highest number of viewers in history". They way they frame it, Trump made an honest mistake when, in fact, he stated something so asinine in its boastfulness that it can only be seen as irresponsible. The sad thing for Trump is that when me makes these grandiose statements, they always can so easily be proven as false, he somehow makes himself look even dumber.

But the way the Times has approached this is like the kid who kisses up to the bulky hoping the bully won't shove him in the locker again. But we all know it's just a matter of time when Trump comes back with a Failing New York Times tweet and the entire press room goes into cardiac arrest while the editorial department feigns outrage.

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