Saturday, February 3, 2018

Take on the Father of the Year

I would happily have sent $1000 to the GoFundMe campaign of the dad who lunges after Larry Nassar and bundled it with a Father of the Year shirt, had he been charge with a crime. I know there is a certain level of decorum we're suppose to have, but had that been me standing up there speaking for my three daughters and there wouldn't have been a deputy strong enough to keep my rage down and there isn't one second where I'd feel anything but pride in having done it. The only solace this father -and the other parents of all the 250 some odd kids- should have is that in prison the one group that aren't looked upon very fondly are the kid touchers. I'm sure the warden will find a way to room with Biff and turn the light down and the music up

That's unless this loser doesn't take the easy way out.

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