Friday, February 9, 2018

Take on the Fab 5

There really is no picture that describes year 1 of the Trump presidency better than the one from a last summer. This was taken in that 9 day period when the Mooch was running things and the photo is like a real live Reservoir Dogs

You have Corey who was fired before he got into the White House, Omarosa who looks like she ate Reince Priebus, The Mooch who needs no introductions, Gorka who is a complete maniacal lunatic and the man of the hour who beat not just one wife but two of them (and likely a girlfriend too). I'm convinced that Hope Hicks is going through some serious Stockholm syndrome right about now.
The question is who is the fatter slob, Gorka, Omarosa or Porter??

If these are what Trump meant by the best people, I'd hate to see who he would turn down for the job

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