Monday, February 12, 2018

Take on the official portraits

Barack and Michelle Obama's official portraits were revealed today and to call them terrible would be an understatement. Michelle's looks more like black Ellen than it does her and Obama and his weird bush reminds us of Sean Spicer hiding in his.

But this is about as bad as it gets for the Obama's. Their official portraits are sort of funky. The No Drama Obama thing was so perfectly executed that we basically turned one of the greatest orators of our time into something as bland as a ham and cheese sandwich. And still the GOP found flaws, Michelle had bare arms, Barack wore that tan suit and ate that burger with mustard, his outreach during the beer summit was lame, he spent too much time at home and not enough on the hill, his NCAA picks were chalk and her organic garden was basically treasonous.
That's what they had on him...

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