Sunday, February 11, 2018

Take on the Trojan Horse

Every time he says or does something outrageous, the media goes nuts, CNN puts on experts to see how he can survive and why he said what he did and everybody spends the next two days in a totally frenzy.   But this isn't some odd thing, it's by design. 

Trump just uses the rope-a-dope and waits for the Democrats, the moderates, the media, the sensible world etc to to punch themselves out.  Something they will do within a matter of days.   

The more I think about it, the more the GOP has perfectly used Trump...they let him get out there and make outlandish comments and use that as cover to constantly, slowly, move the line.   He blazes a trail, sets a few houses on fire and the GOP retreats a bit, but not all the way.  They just constantly make progress behind him.   The Democrats are way too busy trying to fight the dragon than to realize that they've lost major land already. 

There will be huge casualties for the GOP in November and likely more in 2020 but by then we may live in a very different country

Trump has gotten the tax cuts that the GOP has been promising for years through, he's gotten one SCOTUS and may get another not to mention many lower court justices, he's pulled back regulation, he's neutered the EPA, he's pushed back on clean energy and is getting approvals for more off shore drilling, his Secretary or Education may get some of those voucher programs, choice is under attack, the military complex is growing will be on high alert for the foreseeable future and earmarks will likely be back.  

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