Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Take on TrumpDating

Want to meet likeminded people? Feel that your "conservative" views aren't being taken seriously? Feel like the snowflakes in the liberal press are on a witch hunt for your Dear Leader!? We have the website for you. Discover love, romance and friendship -as long as it's heterosexual- on

I'm not sure if this is run by the same people selling Trump Wine, Trump Steaks and Trump Access but it seems that there is a market for this. There are so many forgotten people, ones living paycheck to paycheck, ones who go on African Safari's for exotic game, ones who feel Jesus speaks to them through Trump, ones who think coal is making a comeback, ones who think we should have AR-15s, ones who answer questions about Russian interference with "But Hillary". Ones who feel that as a blue collar, truck driving, church going American there is nobody who understands them like a NYC billionaire, on his third marriage with a trail of affairs in his wake, who refuses to knock Putin, who disparages minorities and who lives in a penthouse as far away from the riffraff as possible.

Sadly though, their male model has been convicted of having sex with an underage girl which I have to think is a no-no on the website. I think they just removed him and added Roy Moore instead

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