Monday, February 19, 2018

Take on Tucker

I kind of feel bad for Tucker Carlson because the poor guy always looks so constipated. I'm not quite sure if he doesn't get enough fiber in his diet or if he should be drinking more water but every time I turn on FoxNews the guy looks like he is trying desperately to push out a gigantic hard turd and I'm not talking about a Bernie Goldberg. It must be hard to constantly manufacture new outrage, the last time I saw more than a few minutes he was saying that the Nunes memos were going to make the Pentagon papers look like a pimple on Bill O'Reilly's gigantic white ass. So I guess in part he was true as it referred to O'Reilly's gigantic white ass but the Nunes memo was the white head on top of that pimple

Somebody get this guy some prunes

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