Friday, February 16, 2018

Take on the AirForce One decent

An otherwise innocuous video of Trump coming off of AirForce One caught my eye today because it shows you all you need to know about him (

I was watching because earlier reports said that the press Corp was removed from the plane when Melania arrived and shouting could be heard.  We know these two don't like each other much and he's gotten himself in nothing but trouble over the last few months as stories of one affair after another has taken center stage

So I was watching the video to see if there was any obvious tension, hand slapping, ass grabbing or whatever 

For a second he looks like he is going to be a gentleman and let's her go first but immediately they kind of jostle to get in front.  

His insatiable need to get all the press and be first throws any thought of chivalry out the door and he's shoulder to shoulder with her by the third step down.    Within ten steps Trump completely cuts her off and forces her to stumble but he hardly reacts, he just wants to make sure he gets down first

my five year old and three year old do the same thing 

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