Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Take on Blue Apron for the poor

Call it Blue Apron for the poor

The new budget includes a program which would replace half of the food stamps that recipients get with boxes of healthy food delivered to their house. The idea is admirable but, like most things admirable taken on my Big Government, probably a disaster.

this will create a huge new federal government division to try to handle this something I'd think republicans aren't keen on and I'm not sure where taking choice away from Americans ever finds it's way into conservative lexicon.

Then lobbyists for every food group in the country will be descending upon Washington to get their bag of Doritos added to the list, the healthy part will be history in a week.

But if it were to be run right (actual healthy food, delivered quickly) it will lead to less food being consumed by poor Americans. Think about that healthy lunch your mom made you in middle school. Wheat bread, lettuce, tomato, lean turkey, an apple and some dried nuts. This entire brown bag ended up in the trash

Imagine if Michelle Obama had tried this, they may have tried to execute her for treason

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