Friday, February 2, 2018

Take on Trump’s really bad week.

Trump (and America)really had a bad week

First we get the report that although the economy added 200k jobs and wages grew, the black unemployment numbers rose.  I don't usually dig too deeply into those but Trump was the one trumpeting his achievement for the last week for it to just blow up in his face.    

All week, in anticipation of the Nunes memo, the market was a lead zeppelin with big drops on Monday and Tuesday and then a huge 666 point  drop today. 

Add to that the fact the Numes memo was a dud, and actually showed the fisa was started after George Papadapolous not because of the Steele dossier.   So much for Hannity's proclamation that this was the biggest deal since watergate 

And of course the news of Rick Gates' entire legal team resigning en masse which left him with only one guy, one who specializes in plea deals.  Something tells me old Ricky flipped on Don

You just know Mueller is foaming ar the mouth right now to bring the hammer 

Then you realize that this was all just one week... living in the world of Trump is like moving from one black-hole to another since there is a bend of time-space. A week feels like a year, a year feels like a decade and four years of this guy is going to fill up history books. 

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