Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Take on the greatest leader of all time.

Wait, President bone spur would run into a burning building, to pull out dying kids while fighting off an armed terrorist while giving mouth to mouth to an old lady who has fallen and can't get up? He is not just the greatest president, he might actually be the greatest person to have ever lived and we have been spending the last 13 months doing nothing but unfairly criticizing him for a litany of false accusations. This man is the epitome of hope, he is a living walking breathing Mother Theresa, but with better hair. This is a man who has dedicated his life to service, to helping others, to standing up for those who can't and yet you snowflakes find time to attack him on every unverified conversation and you wonder why this country is falling apart. It certainly is not because of a lack of leadership on top but rather a lack of respect down below, no army has ever won a war with subordination and we as a country of morals and ethics should look in the mirror before attacking a man who would risk his life by running unarmed into this school. If we want to star healing, the first thing might be to stop stabbing our leader in the back every chance you have.
You people disgust me

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