Thursday, September 28, 2017

Take on the Trump Tax cut

Is there anything less believable than Trump claiming his new tax plan won't benefit him. We all know that nobody will benefit more than Trump, he's basically become president for the sole purpose of enriching himself and he'll find every loophole, tax haven, foreign investment to make sure he pays as little as humanly possibly. The craziest thing is that whenever people talk about tax changes, they say they want to cut taxes and close loopholes and end deductions. The way that super rich guys keep a lot of their money is by giving them loopholes and deductions. So now you will just give it to them up front and out their accountants out of business, which is fine but doesn't accomplish much
But of course, the morons who believe that Trump is actually in this for them are the ones that don't believe he'll benefit from this personally because he told them so
God he's an awful human