Saturday, September 23, 2017

Take on the Steph Curry 3 ball

Steph Curry just drained a three from 3000 miles away right on POTUS and all Trump could do was whine about it. I hate Steph Curry, I hate that he chews on that mouth guard like it's a piece of Big League Chew, I hate his ugly sneakers, I hate his ugly haircut, I hate the Warrior but I hate Trump more.

Butt hurt Trump is really the best kind of Trump, he is so easily offended that almost any snub or push can get him to go off the rails.
When Trump rescinded his invite to Curry, everybody in the world laughed because it was the equivalent of somebody saying they aren't going to come to your crappy party and then you disinviting them which is lame if you are a 16 year old girl but a sign of being mentally unstable if you are an adult man.

Great job electing this guy, America.