Monday, September 11, 2017

Take on the Midas touch.

Mr Trump, there is something seriously wrong with you. I can't quiet out my finger on it but it seems guy are infatuated with what people think of you. After Harvey you stood on a fire truck in basically Idaho and spoke about the tremendous crowd, in Phoenix at your campaign rally you spoke about the huge audience, at your inauguration you said it was the biggest crowd ever assembled for an inauguration, all of which were just plain wrong. But now you are trying to take that same mentality and try to imprint it on the agencies that, as the president, you do lead. The issue is that often times you say things which make no sense and guy overinflated what they do under your administration. It's as if you disregard everything they've done before and count only what they do as of January 2017.

The Coast Guards brand has been fine and there is nothing in their efforts over the last week which radically change that. They've always worked hard, their work is always valiant and their bravery is never questioned as they go to the most difficult places to rescue. The issue isn't what they do, the issue is what you ostensibly take credit for. Their work on the high seas is nothing you take credit for, you have nothing to do with that. Yes you lead in the big picture them but you don't define them, they do hard work under you just like they did under Obama and under Bush and under Clinton and under Bush and under Reagan. You get it?

King Midas you are not. The Burger King is maybe a better description.

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