Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Take on DACA

It figures that it takes a dumb Trump decision to finally bring our fractured country together. It wasn't even something stupid he said this time, it was campaign rhetoric which all of a sudden became real and the influence will be great
DACA is about as uncontroversial an issue as you'll get and somehow Trump screwed that up again.
How you would send a kid back to a count y he may have left when he was an infant is beyond cruel. That kid is as American as it gets and sending him to Slovakia or Slovenia or Mexico or Holland is ludicrous. That isn't his home, it probably never has been.
But the most laughable portion was Sarah Sanders saying that Trump wants to "make a decision with compassion, but at the same time, you can't allow emotion to govern"

Trump NOT using emotions to make a decisions is about as unlikely as one of those dreamers taking away a coal job

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