Thursday, September 14, 2017

take on the Mnunchin wedding photo

the world is up in arms about Steve Mnuchin requesting to use an official government plane for his honeymoon earlier this summer.   A revelation which came to surface a few weeks after he and his wife stepped off of a government plane for a 'very important meeting' down in Kentucky on the day of the eclipse with his wife hash-tagging all her crappy luxury clothing.

you just knew that this was the kind of drain swamping we would get when voting for Trump, so nobody should be surprised.

what i'm more appalled with are those terrible wedding photo that they keep showing, this has to be a collection of some of the worst dressed people ever for a formal event..

  • Melania looks good and she would have avoided our ire this time if it weren't for the fact she is wearing Pepto Bismo pink, a color which washes every white person right out..  

  • Trump looks like he's humpty dumpty in that oversized tuxedo, for a billionaire he dressed like he shops in his dad's closet.   The pants don't fit, he doesn't button the jacket because he's got this gigantic belly

  • Mnuchin looks like he belong in DuckTails, somebody needs to pull his wedgie out of his five hole

  • Mrs. Mnuchin (What the hell kind of last name is that anyway??) has to be wearing one of the worst wedding dresses I've ever seen, she looks like one of those princesses at Disney World.   Hey sweetheart, you have one chance to wear white at a wedding and you screwed that up, you look like you washed your wedding gown with a pair of red sox..

  • Pence looks pretty good actually, a tuxedo suits him fine

  • Mrs Pence looks like she fell into a pit of lace and came out with a smile on her face..

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