Friday, September 1, 2017

Take on the Trump donation

Donald Trump pledged a $1 million donation to Harvey victims which we can only see a sign that the apocalypse is near.  It's not that a billionaire donating to a good and worthy cause should be shocking, what is shocking is that this billionaire pledged to do so.  Then again Trump has promised and pledged before and most of the time he talks a big game and donates nothing.  
Then the real question is whether this generous donation will come from Trump himself or from the Trump organization which is a huge difference. Mainly because Trump Organization charity arm is mostly funded by people other than Trump.   Records show that Trump hasn't even donated to his own charity in nearly a decade, so if the donation comes from that group it will actually be less from Trump than if the donation came from The Red Cross because he might have actually texted that number to give $5 to them.  Although even that seems unlikely. 
Anyway, good for the president, it's a cause that desperately needs it but like most things about Trump it seems to be more about getting him into the spotlight than anything else. It would be great if Obama donated $1,000,001 tomorrow, you just know it would drive this maniac mad. 

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